2017 Executive Cup Winner

The 2016/2107 season saw the Club continue with its long standing members event, the Executive Cup.  In one of the strongest turnouts, over 20 competitors battled through 5 races during the season with points allocated, from 4 points (winner) to 1 point (completion).  Handicaps are based on preseason swim times and adjusted throughout the season to put competitors in a close finish.

Early season races placed several older members with a good spread of the top points, which meant that the young guns would need to show up and win several races at the end of the season.  Testing conditions put no fewer than 5 members in positions to take the cup through a win in the final race.  The season closed out with Martin Cichero on 12, Dan DeViana on 9, the super fish Andy Smith on 7, Eden Crooks and TJ Burgess on 6, Steve Flannagan and Grant Nason in the points on 5. 

Congratulations to Martin on taking out the 2017 Executive Cup.